Spring Hair Trend w/ Daniel Galvin Jr

Finding the perfect London salon is a mission that I have been seeking to accomplish for many years – to give me complete confidence to hand over the reins of my greatest accessory to someone else. So this is my journey to locating the perfect salon, finding this year’s Spring look and handing over those reins!


Each year brings a new look, whether a side fringe, dip-dye or a popular new pony tail. Following some extensive online research (and insta stalking), I came across a large number of  glamorous posts featuring this years high street trend ‘ the balayage’ – often described by many hairdressers as a free hand dying technique. This was to be the basis of my new look. Being someone who was only familiar with dying my hair darker, this was a BOLD, but much needed move! This french technique typically involves strands being dyed lighter, to create a more naturally highlighted look.

Finding the perfect colourist can be a tough job – cue Daniel Gavlin Jr. Having spent over 30 years as a colourist and leading the way in organic professional haircare – who would be better to restore my confidence and refresh my look (not to mention his impressive cliental list)! After securing an appointment, I headed down to Daniel’s Belgravia Salon with only one mission – to look naturally lighter!

When entering I was immediately greeted by the fabulous Anthony Forte (Daniel’s new Creative Director) and shown to my chair. Armed with an organic juice in one hand and an array of magazines in another I was introduced to Daniel himself, yes Daniel himself was to dye my hair – eek!


Before getting started, we chatted through what I was looking for alongside what Daniel would recommend for my hair. As my hair was ‘virgin’ hair (not coloured) we decided that Daniel’s new look and SS17 style, the taliage would be perfect – avoiding the build up of colour on the hair which can sometimes appear with a balayage. This method, created at Daniel’s salon, is applied directly to the hair avoiding a solid look. Each colour is mixed individually at the salon and is kept on record for future appointments – not to mention is dramatically healthier for your hair due to the reduced peroxide, a key method used at his salon.

Whilst my head of highlights were being activated, I chatted to Daniel about his love of boxing, yoga and day-to-day haircare – displaying his passion to healthier and organic way of life. He even shared his top tip of using lemon and camomile as UV protectors in the summer months.

2017-05-10 11.34.28 1.jpg

Next up, Anthony was to work his magic – the cut! By demonstrating looks on my freshly coloured hair, we felt that chopping (not too short) layers and a new fringe was in order. This is a perfect look for someone who likes to create quick curls before dashing out the door. Having naturally straight hair I often am craving volume – layers mixed with drying my hair upside down (yes, that is another life hack) have made this so achievable!

So here it is – the new look. Naturally highlighted and cut to enhance volume, I couldn’t be more chuffed with how it turned out. I’ve finally found it – the dream salon and a colour that works! Stay tuned for our Summer Trend look, coming soon! A huge thanks to both the salon and the team.


Rioco x

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