Taste of Thai w/ Thai Square, Putney

What better excuse to visit one of your desired dining locations than the launch of a new Exclusive Menu, combining innovative dishes with exquisite Thai flavours.

Thai Square restaurant in Putney is an experimental cocktail bar and authentic aromatic food haven, complete with panoramic views of the River Thames. Following the arrival new chef Oula, the new Executive Menu offers diners the chance to experience a fusion of eastern and western flavours, including Oriental Duck, Grilled Black Cod and Baked Aubergine.

After spending the evening sampling the new delicious menu at the iconic West London restaurant, we have chosen our five favourite dishes from the Executive Menu (only available in Putney) to share with you, all reviewed below:

  1. Grilled Scallops – these well flavoured, large, cooked to perfection scallops were marinated in a blend of garlic and Thai spices. Each fresh scallop was served on a clamshell which allowed the scallop to sit perfectly in the bed of spices. This was our favourite dish of the evening and a must have starter!
  2. Whole Lobster Salad – this show-stopping dish was presented on a wooden platter, surrounded by a delicate salad garnish. Seasoned with a kick of chilli, the lobster flaked easily onto your plate when removed from the shell.
  3. Yellow Curry with Lamb Shank (cooked in coconut cream with Thai herbs and spices topped with fried shallot). With a subtle hint of pineapple, the tender lamb, coupled with authentic Thai herbs and spices, fell of the bone. Experience a blend of Asian flavours accompanied with the Brown Rice and Lotus Seeds in every mouthful, making this much more than your standard Yellow Curry!
  4. Oriental Duck (with chestnuts, cashew nuts, jujube, shallots and spring onion topped with a tamarind sauce). This was by far our most experimental dish, with equally impressive flavours. The sweet and sour, indulgent sauce coated the crispy duck creating a dark dressing for the meat. Having never tasted Jujube (a red date) before, we were taken back by the baked texture. This dish is not for the faint hearted – as the rich new flavours are a little different from traditional Thai.
  5. Ginger Crème Brûlée – having a super love for ginger, this dish had a lot to live up to, and boy did it not disappoint! Once breaking through the top layer, the soft and flavoursome brûlée melted with each spoonful. The combination of hard caramel, rich custard and ginger created the perfect dessert.

We would highly recommend a visit to this iconic boat shaped restaurant – which we have just discovered was voted as having the third best restaurant view in the UK!

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