Get the Glow – 5 Flawless Tips from Bobbi Brown

Ever wondered how some people achieve an even toned, natural looking glow? The answer is yes, yes we have all tried to find this! After searching online for local Bobbi Brown counters we headed down to Kings Road in search of such answers!

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So here it is, straight from the artists themselves – our top 5 flawless tips from Bobbi Brown:

1. Less is more (unless you’re heading to a festival, in which case bulk order that glitter girl)! Good skin care is usually the answer to number of makeup mishaps – make sure you fully remove all make-up before bed and moisturise before putting on fresh foundation. This is so much easier said than done – we all have the best intentions of taking that make-up off, however if you know that you’re heading off for a night out set up a make-up removal station in the bathroom for your return.

2. Stick Foundation is better for blending – this will allow more of a natural look as well as being easier to directly apply to the face.

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3. Always place lip balm on your lips before applying lipstick – leave this to soak in for around 3-5 minutes before applying lipstick. We found that having a pot by the bed can make this step much easier in the morning, apply before picking out an outfit or whilst snoozing your alarm (because who doesn’t like an extra five minutes). Finish look with Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm for a natural dewey look, this can also be used as blush.

4. Stick natural when applying highlighter – using a corrector stick can help hide blemishes under the eyelid and are easier to blend.

5. Test eyeshadows both wet and dry – the Bobbi Brown palette is good for this. Don’t just go with one colour, test to see which looks best.

Stay tuned for more looks soon! B x

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