72 Hours in Oslo

From design perfection to outstanding natural beauty, Norway had always been on my list of must visit locations. Following the January flight sales, myself and @worldofannna decided to go!

After reading a number of posts on places to stay in Oslo we decided to book our accommodation via AirBnB – and what a great choice this turned out to be! Our apartment was located in Briskebyveien, close by to the main city and a number of transport routes.

Following some further research, we found out about the Oslo Digital Pass by Visit Oslo. We used this to gain access to a fantastic selection of Norway’s best galleries and museums as well as travel on local transport, including boat trips. Each pass lasts for 24 hours – and costs only £36 per person.

As we were only spending 72 hours in Oslo we planned a tight itinerary activities and set off in -8° to explore the city. So here we have it – our top 5 experiences in Oslo.

1. The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art – a breathtaking set of buildings located on the edge of the Oslo Fjord, designed by world renowned architect Renzo Piano.The museum displays a number of contemporary art installations and is home to an amazing water view coffee shop – the perfect place to watch sunset fall over the city. Here you can also find a number of close by jettys reaching out into the Oslo Fjord – making it the perfect viewing spot.

2. Local Oslo Fjord Boat Trip – after discovering that we had missed the two hour sightseeing boat tour, we decided to venture onto the local boats and headed to Lindøya island. This is an idyllic way to explore the vast and beautiful scenary surrounding Oslo city centre. From rows of snow lined trees, to coloured wooden houses. Here we spent an hour on an uninterrupted spot in Lindøya, the peaceful views highlighted Oslo’s beaming natural beauty – looking out into the Fjord we blissfully wandered around the waterfront appreciating the views. However, we soon discovered that -8° and Chelsea boots are not an ideal pairing! If you’re making your trips in winter, make sure you layer up and slip on winter boots!

3. Mathallen Food Hall – this bustling food market is home to over 30 local cafes, shops and restaurants. Making it hands down one of the best spaces to eat in Oslo! From savoury crepes to cheese toasties and fresh oysters, this place has it all. The atmosphere creates the perfect setting for a late afternoon lunch or evening meal, although be sure to make it down before late evening as most of the food stops close at around 8.

4. Oslo Opera House – a truly stunning building location in the Bjørvika neighbour of Oslo, next to the Oslo Fjord. It is home to the National Oslo Ballet and Opera. The building itself is a remarkable example of design perfection which enables you to walk up on to the roof, (see below).

5. Noble Peace Centre – home to a fantastic exhibition on each Nobel Peace Prize winner featuring a combination of digital screens and fibre optics lights. This gallery provides the perfect location to peacefully reflect on our society, not to mention home to another great coffee shop!

Stay tuned for our next post on top Oslo eateries!

*The digital Oslo passes were gifted to us for the purpose of this post.

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